DTR Marketing Strategy



At DTR, relationship marketing is our specialty. We have developed marketing programs for a wide variety of products, including:


• Nuetracueticals

  • • Health and Beauty Products
  • • Business services
  • • Professional education

For each of our "custom" products, we follow a detailed relationship assessment and planning process to learn the dynamics of the market. We then craft a unique solution to specific sales and marketing challenges.


Fulfillment Services
Once the sale has been made and the order taken, it's essential that the product be delivered promptly and accurately, with all appropriate inserts. We ship thousands of orders per week, so depending on the product, there may be any number of services the fulfillment company must perform flawlessly: storage, assembly, picking and packing, packaging, labeling, controlling inventory, inspecting returned products, and much more. We work closely with our fulfillment centers to make sure each campaign reaches a successful conclusion in the customer's home.

The DTR management team is built on a mix of senior level executive with years of proven experience. These outstanding individuals have extensive backgrounds in product development, marketing, advertising and operations. Our management team has also developed an experienced external support structure covering every aspect of the manufacturing, marketing, fulfillment and regulatory functions for retail products.


DTR has built its success marketing innovative solutions to everyday problems. For many products, however, their ultimate success lies not in direct response, but in traditional retail with wide-spread distribution. Our direct response campaigns open the door to retail. We can introduce and brand a product, while at the same time creating immediate revenue for the company. After that, the campaign can become self-sustaining and profitable.

We discover immediately which products have a chance of success before investing a lot of money. We always know what is working and what is not. Once we have selected a product, we use all our resources to make sure it reaps the financial rewards it deserves. We're here to make our clients say, "DTR!" when they see our products. That's The Power of DTR Marketing.